Monday, April 18, 2011

My 5 Favorite iPhone Apps

After years of being glued to my Blackberry, I converted to an iPhone in February. I miss Blackberry Messenger, but that's really it. I'm hooked!

The coolest thing about iPhone is the apps and everybody has their favorite. Here are mine!

1. SimplyTweet (Free version): Since I manage social media accounts for work, I've learned most people like to read Twitter by seeing what's going on right then. I, however, like to read ALL the tweets from the users I follow. I love SimplyTweet because it loads from the bottom up and loads all of the tweets, not just 200 or so. It also allows you to tag people and add pictures and links really easily.

2. WhatsApp (Free): Similar to Blackberry Messenger, this app lets you text people without incurring text messaging charges. It's not as versatile as BBM and doesn't let you send pictures. However, since Steve and I talk by text a lot during the day when he's on the road, this app is a must!

3. Instagram (Free): iPhones take great pictures, and Instagram makes it fun! Take a picture and then add a filter to it for an artsy look. Sharing options make it easy to send your pictures over Facebook and Twitter.

4. Words with Friends (Free version): I'm a Scrabble junkie and this free variation makes it easy to play with people. My friend Rick lives in Vegas and we've just started a round of games. So much fun!

5. MLB At Bat ($14.99): I'm a baseball fiend and my new job doesn't offer a TV in my office. On Opening Day, I found myself unable to watch the 1:30 game that kicked off our season. This just wasn't going to work. So, even though I hate buying apps, I bought this app which will let me listen to every game this season. That's a great deal!

Honorable mentions: (Wow, picking only five was harder than I thought!)

  • Color
  • Four Square
  • Electric Miles (works with
  • Kindle
  • Dragon Diction
  • Netflix
  • Facebook
  • Gas Buddy
  • Into Now (just started using but it's really cool!)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Happy Anniversary, baby!

Happy Anniversary to my sweet, patient and funny husband. To everyone afraid of marriage, the first year isn't as bad as they say. :-)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I love these boys.

I am a huge Braves fan. I have the sticker on my car, the t-shirts in my closet. I countdown to Opening Day the way children countdown to Christmas. I call Brian McCann "baby."

I can't explain it easily. It's summer. It's the crack of the bat and the roar of the crowd. It's the personalities and the game.

Family Braves game.

My sister and I on Opening Day two years ago.

Most think I'm just exaggerating when I say I love baseball but think of this: My then-fiance and I went to Braves Opening Day last year, flew to San Fran, got married in Napa Valley and then went to the Giants home opener where they played.. the Braves. That's right, we planned our wedding around the Braves schedule.
2010 Giants Home Opener against the Bravos.

It's hard to meet the excitement we had for Opening Day last year. Every year, however, holds new promise and more excitement.


In today's game, the Braves' Tim Hudson (a pitcher) slid into home plate HEAD FIRST (a big no-no) to score. How do his teammates handle it? Let's check Twitter:

How could you NOT love these boys?