Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm Thankful for 2011

This letter almost didn't happen this year. It seems that my to do list is always much longer than the hours available in the day. Five years is a good run, right? No need to stress myself out with something else to catch up on.

But, that's the reason why I write. With so much rushing, it's good to sit down, forget the stress and remember the blessings, of which there are so many.

In 2011, I couldn't be more thankful for:
-Steve and forgetting you drove a Camaro, getting dropped off at Turner Field with your luggage, making hand grenades for my birthday, Leon, take me to the farm, scary clown face, your truck that doesn't fit in the garage, tailgates, Oscie and Marlie, your love and your patience with me, your warm heart and generosity, and your incredible sense of humor.
-My mom, who is strong despite herself and can find humor in any situation.
-My dad, who has taught me the power of dependability and quiet prayer.
-Taylor, who is more like my mom than she can deal with and is willing to take the risk to improve her future.
-Reed, who has grown up so much in the last year and picked an amazing, nurturing bride.
-Our sweet pretty puppy Marlie, whose quirks keep us constantly entertained

My friends are really the best a girl could ask for. I realize the ways God blesses me through you. I'm so very thankful friends that:
-Make me laugh. Hard.
-Sleep over and make scones for the Royal Wedding
-Obsess about the Kardashian wedding
-Give side-eye
-Share a single old memory and brighten your day
-Ask if I have a Sharpie in my purse
-Share their struggles
-Attend/Throw girly cocktail hours
-Let us crash the pool they don't have access to anymore.
-Fall in love
-Love Will Hoge
-Tailgate for Opening Day
-Watch the Braves in Macon bars
-Quote 30 Rock
-Don't know if they need new contacts or need to wash their windshield
-Encourage me
-Don't get mad when I back out of half marathons (again)
-Let me sleep at their house
-Warn me about zombies in Vinings
-Dance in my dining room
-Predict the Braves' collapse
-Have an irreverent sense of humor
-See Breakfast at Tiffany's at the Strand
-Make honey badger jokes
-Search for movie sets with me
-Are happy
-Wear two different shoes to her birthday party
-Carry Steve through downtown Atlanta
-Wear hats in Marshall's
-Pick me up when my car breaks down
-Rescue my pretty red elf shoes
-Show me how to start over and learn new things
-Say "good talk"

I thank God regularly for: Molly, Wylly, Rick, Chris Brown, Sharon, Nate, Nikki, Steven, Chris Connolly, Ben, Matt, Krisi, Sarah Beth, Brett, Liz, Patrick, Tom, Kevin, Ivan, Cat, Meaghan and Billy.

The men and women in uniform who put their lives on hold to keep us safe.

Thank God for: Twitter; sangria, Riesling, Malbec and tequila; treadmills; DVR; Homeland and 30 Rock; blogs; Sharpies; Susan B. Anthony; Will Hoge and Miranda Lambert; Coke Zero; pecans; covers; celebrity gossip; vacations and new adventures; people that drive better than I do; hurricane coverage; Jackson Square; fortune tellers; my bed; the days I can work at home; Mardi Gras miracles; coupons and contests; old pictures; awkward conversations and situations that are funny later; the laughter that comes from being easily amused and a little bit childish; and the million other small things that get me through the day.

The moments of truth that you never see coming. The little girl in the grocery store showing her mom where the sunscreen is that reminded me how patient and loving my mom is with me. The fortune teller who summed me up by saying once I lose respect for people I can't be around them. The ex-boyfriend who told me I was immature and unnecessarily confrontational. The short miracle who told me, "Sometimes all you can do is put your hands on the computer and pray, and hit delete!" The learning moments that make me realize so much.

God bless the Braves, Baby, Everyday Johnny, firing Larry Parrish, Freddie Freeman hugs, getting rid of Scott Proctor, Zambrano hitting Chipper, the man in the wedding dress that jumped on to Turner Field, the Twitter Braves family, and the cursed locker. 

That my heart was good and shattered once and I survived.

That I completed the Peachtree. 

That I have a Savior who blesses me everyday and loves me for who I am but loves me too much to leave me this way.

And finally, the chance to share my blessings. Despite every hardship and change I've faced, I'm truly blessed and lead a charmed and amusing life.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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