Thursday, October 13, 2011

All I Want For Christmas

My mom had a garage sale recently where she finally cleaned out all of little things we accumulated in our childhood. We had told her for a while we didn't want them, but she was convinced that one day we'd be sentimental about boxes of notes, pictures, old clothes. She was disappointed when we weren't.

So she sold off board games, purses, posters, books. When I was there, I realized how much of it was once gifts. In high school and college, we all felt the need to buy everyone a gift whose phone number we had. Even now, we spend money on gifts for family, friends and co-workers that we don't even know if they'll like- or even care. It's the thought that counts, right?

I'm blessed with a great friend, Sarah Melissa, that introduced me to the Five Love Languages. Gary Chapman wrote the books to help people understand compatibility and how individuals, even great people, may not be compatible because they express and receive love in different ways.

For me, I feel loved through physical touch, words of affirmation and quality time (also, proving I'm high maintenance). Steve feels loved through physical touch and quality time. Neither of us feel loved when we get gifts. Last Christmas, we bought each other small gifts but spend our money on something we really needed, a new mattress and bedroom furniture.

With everyones' finances a little tighter this year, why don't we focus on what our friends and family really need? Sure, some people want gifts, but others want some time together, support, a hug. What do you really need for the holidays? Ooo, take the quiz, too. What's your love language?

*Thanks to my favorite website for inspiring this post.

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