Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Book 5: Bossypants

If you can make me laugh, I want you to be my friend. You can be a terrible, horrible person. You can be the worst cynic ever. If you make me giggle, you win.

Someone told me they were shocked that I liked 30 Rock and Tina Fey. "She's so liberal. How can you listen to that? She's out to destroy our values."

Yes, there are values I hold dear and I've worked very hard for candidates I believe in. At the end of a hard day though, I just want a good laugh, folks.

..And, that's why I love Bossypants.

My mom had surgery earlier this year and I spent the whole day in the hospital reading passages of Bossypants.. to my grandmother, who didn't understand. I reread the book a few weeks ago, on a football Saturday, aloud to Steve, who pretended to listen but at least laughed.

One of the best passages in the book is about Amy Poehler's first day at SNL. She's goofing around with Jimmy Fallon, who returned the joke by saying she was unladylike and he didn't like it. "I don't f*cking care if you like it."And she moved on.

It made me think about my own work demeanor and personality. How often do I shy away if someone doesn't laugh? How often am I scared to reach out at a networking event for worried I might be shunned? Why do I care if they like it?

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