Monday, March 30, 2015

Mixed Media 3/30/15

  • Books: I'm almost ashamed to share because I should have read this years ago. All The King's Men is all the things I love. Southern, politics, scandal. Fantastic read.
  • TV: I should be giddy because baseball is almost here. The truth is the Braves are going to be awful this year and it's pretty hard to get excited. Now, Tom Hart, the best Braves personality around, is leaving the team, too. It's too much to handle. 
  • Blogs: So perhaps there is a bit of snark in me after all. For hilarious take on celebrity kids, you have to read Suri's Burn Book
  • Videos: There's been a lotta news lately about people filming/taking pictures of themselves doing really stupid things. For a while, I've said the biggest thing my generation has to learn is that just because you can videotape something, doesn't mean you should. Also, this
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